Bringing your vision to life requires an intricate process to produce a bespoke result, created to an excellent standard, aided by our knowledge and expertise.

Our process to achieve your vision is the centre of our success strategy, with the ambition to always improve our services and refine the process to suit our customers. To turn our clients' vision into a reality, we follow our unique process and ensuring the client is involved at every stage.

Stage 1

Understanding Your Vision

Through key questioning and detailed information gathering, we listen to your uniform requirements, focusing on the priorities, what’s important and not important, and ensuring every detail is covered.

As a result, the brief and the key objectives are agreed, including budgets, timelines, aspirations, design requirements and ongoing service and communications.

Our overall objective is to add value to you, your business and your people.

Stage 2

Creating Detailed Samples

Your samples are created through our ability to pull together custom garments from a wide range of resources we have within our group, including our exclusive in-house range and production capabilities.

This allows us to supply you with unique garments specific to you.

We understand the positive impact of being different and standing out.

Stage 3

Presenting Concepts

We have the ability and the reach to present uniform concepts that represent your vision, values and the personal characteristics of your business and location(s), whilst being very mindful of the importance of wearer fit.

Our ideas can be presented through moodboards, look books and tailored presentations on your premises. Presenting on your premises allows you not only to hand-feel and see the design options, but also have the option to include a wearer trial. Nothing beats actually seeing and trying the sample options.

Only when you are happy with the direction and agree to the final programme and design, would we proceed to the development stage. This may be over a number of meetings/presentations, to achieve the right solution for you and your brand.

We understand the strength of the uniform and want your staff and team to feel amazing when wearing their uniforms.

Stage 4

Product & Programme Development

At this point in the process, full agreement has been made in all design and customisation aspects, and the planning for the installation can begin.

Your dedicated Yourtex account manager take ownership of developing and delivering the garments to the full specifications, as agreed.

Service is paramount to our business, and we use our state-of-the-art planning software to ensure that key stages of the project are kept on track, and that target dates are met.

We consider every detail and understand unique brand requirements.

Stage 5

Sizing & Fitting Sessions

Creating outstanding looking uniforms is only part of the solution. We ensure that your staff feel amazing in their new uniforms, and fitting is essential.

We offer full sizing sessions on your premises over a time period that suits your business best. This also provides significant further benefits as it allows us to engage with your staff, sharing not only the investment in time but also how and why these uniforms have been created. Staff uniforms have the ability to align employees with the overall company values.

These sessions can also be very motivating for the staff as they feel involved and part of the bigger picture. In our experience, these have proved to be very beneficial for both the staff and the business. It also reduces the need for any exchanges at the installation stage as staff sizes will be recorded, making issuing the uniforms a lot easier.

However, we recognise that this may not always suit your business, therefore we are happy to send sizing sets out to your location(s).

We understand the positive impact of being different and standing out.

Stage 6

Installation & Launch

We will work with you to establish a date for installation so we can deliver your exact requirements , at a time that best suits your business.

At this stage, we will acknowledge your stock holding requirements and work with you to establish our ongoing support.

Ethical Sourcing & Manufacturing

Yourtex takes ethical sourcing and manufacturing very seriously. As a result, we only work with fabric mills that comply with Oeko-Tex, a worldwide sustainable textile production standard, and the ITF traceability certification. And we are proud that all of our owned manufacturing plants also meet these regulatory standards and certifications.

Find out more about our sustainability and how we promote sustainable business principles and practices throughout our supply chain.

Quality Control

All our fabrics are sourced from personally visited fabric mills and tested to the highest international standards. Carried out by accredited laboratories, these tests ensure your garments meet the industry specifications and standards.

Our fabrics and trims are subjected to rigorous testing during our development process to certify all products can withstand the intense every day uniform environment, and that they are fit for purpose.

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