Yourtex UK is a Scottish based company born out of passionate individuals who are dedicated to supplying exclusive, tailor-made garments.

We work in a collaborative partnership with every customer to reach their vision. From fiber to garment, our strategy is driven by our clients' expectations.

Built From Knowledge & Expertise

Our services benefit from our knowledge and expertise which has been gained by our team through experience and dedication spanning over decades. Our entire team is devoted to sourcing and crafting the best solution to meet all of our clients' needs to exceed their expectations.

Global Connections

Yourtex UK is part of a global group of garment manufacturers and uniform designers across Europe and Asia, including Yourtex EU, TexPak and Squarenuts. With individual and group success, we work together to create high-quality, custom-made professional clothing with a clear focus to remain sustainable and ethical throughout our processes.

Achieving Your Vision

We understand the importance of a great uniform in promoting your brand's image. With our personalised service, we listen and consider every unique detail to ensure that we create the right solution for turning your vision into a reality. Your staff won't just look good, at Yourtex UK, we ensure they feel good too.

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