Our Guiding Principle

Sustainability, social compliance and environmental principles are at the very core of everything we do.

Within our owned manufacturing operations and those of our close partners, it is the first consideration in everything we do, both operationally and in the products we design and create.

From the running of our various offices using solar energy and waste recycling programs, to our factory which is highly accredited in all aspects of social, sustainable and environmental compliance, holding a number of accreditations.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Our Eco Friendly Line

Wherever possible, we aim to utilise recycled and reclaimed fibres. This is achieved through the use of organic & recycled fabrics, upcycled marine offerings and recycled plastics.

Made in the EU, our eco sustainable line, SUSTENTARE, comes in various weights of single jersey, polo pique and fleece which can be custom made into any variation of t-shirt, polo shirt, sweats and hoodies.

Each of the fabrics are offered in the following sustainable options:

100% Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton & RPET



100% RPET Yarn


Recycled Polyamide

Organic Cotton, Wool & RPET

Viscose, RPET & Elastane


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